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Chesterton® 850 Premium Sealing Tape is a high density, moldable, dry PTFE thread sealing tape. It is a heavy duty, tear-resistant product containing more PTFE per inch than virtually any
thread sealing tape on the market today.

Chesterton 850 Premium Sealing Tape is chemically inert and seals most types of threaded metal and plastic pipes and bolts. It is nonreactive with steam, water, air fuels, refrigerants, acids, alkalies, all solvents, and gases including hydrogen, oxygen, ammonia, propane, butane, and
nitrogen. For nitric or mixed acid services, factory should be consulted.

Chesterton 850 Premium Sealing Tape is non-hardening and stays pliable without the breakage seen in other PTFE containing tapes. It places a slippery layer of PTFE between mated threads which remains flexible and resists vibration. Connections that might otherwise be destroyed are saved for reuse as tape eases disassembly. Slippage is minimized during application as deep penetration of threads is possible with the soft malleable tape. Joints can be adjusted 90° or more without a leak.

Chesterton 850 Premium Sealing Tape is packaged in rugged easy-to-carry spools which protect the tape from dirt and contamination. It is available in a variety of spool sizes and widths that can
be easily carried in a tool case or tool belt.

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Use Chesterton 850 Premium Sealing Tape as a non-hardening, dry thread sealant for most liquids, gases, pneumatic and hydraulic fittings. Prevents bolts and fittings from seizing up to 260°C. Seals all plumbing and most industrial piping threads.

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