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Chesterton® 814 Sump Cleaner & Conditioner is a highly concentrated non-foaming alkaline cleaner specifically designed to clean and condition

metalworking fluid sumps and circulation pipework. Regular use of 814 at sump change outs improves rancidity control by removing dirt, grit, metal fines, insoluble soaps and emulsion oils that create the breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

814 is a versatile cleaner that can be used in all parts of the metal processing industry. Chesterton 814 is designed for the tough cleaning applications where foam is undesirable and rancidity control is required. Handles the toughest cleaning jobs such as decontaminating and
removing residues from rancid central sump systems in hard water areas.

Appearance Yellow liquid, slightly hazy
Flash Point None
Solubility in Water Complete
Freeze Thaw Stability Passes 6 Cycles
pH concentrate 13,2
pH 1% dilution 10,2
Specific Gravity 1,05
Foaming Level Very Low

Recommended for the cleaning and conditioning of individual machines, central circulation reservoirs, mix tanks, pipework, tooling, finished parts, floors and all surfaces contaminated with
machining or cutting fluids or oils

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