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Chesterton® 752 Cold Galvanizing Compound functions both as a zinc rich primer or final coating for ferrous metals and their welds exposed to atmospheric or corrosive conditions.
The product deposits a 95% pure zinc coating that bonds to metal protecting it against corrosion both physically and by galvanic action. After fabrication or construction, it forms an all purpose
protective coating. After wear, accidents, welding or maintenance work on galvanized metal, it provides a “like-new” touch-up coating to restore the damaged galvanized protective coating.
Chesterton 752 Cold Galvanizing Compound provides instant galvanizing. Unlike hot dip galvanizing, the product can be sprayed on to provide a convenient, fast drying protective coating.

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LÄMPLIGA ANVÄNDNINGSOMRÅDEN Use in maintenance and construction to restore damaged galvanized metal and provide protection for all iron and steel surfaces, structures or equipment such as air conditioning units, agricultural machinery, automotive bodies, fences,
marine equipment, metal floors and roofs, mining equipment and oil rigs, off shore drilling structures, ornamental iron works, pipe lines, railroad equipment, structural steel tanks, transmission towers, underground pipe lines, welds, ducts, marine equipment, decks etc.

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