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Chesterton® 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard is a premium quality corrosion preventative coating designed with user ease of-application in mind.
It is the perfect coating for those areas of the plant constantly exposed to humidity and corrosive fumes. It protects iron, steel, aluminum and other metals in industrial, automotive and marine
applications indoors and outdoors (sheltered) for up to 2 years. 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard is available in two colors for maximum versatility. Transparent brown allows easy
identification and reading of markings on metal pieces. Gray gives the aesthetic appeal of a paint while maintaining optimum corrosion protection. Chesterton 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard is easy to apply, requiring minimum surface preparation. It can be applied by dipping, brushing or with convenient aerosol spray. After thorough removal of loose scale, 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard can be applied to rusted surface to prevent further corrosion. It can also be applied directly over Chesterton® 763 Rust Transformer® without a water rinse for an excellent
1-2 barrier system. Chesterton 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard is long lasting and durable. The tough coat deposited with even a single application approaches the performance
of many paints.

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Protects iron and steel from rusting indoors or outdoors for up to two years. Gives long lasting protection for metal, tools, fixtures, parts-in-process, equipment tanks, roofs, structures,
machinery tubing, castings, rod, bar and sheet stock. Keeps rust from forming on jigs, fixtures, sheet stock, stampings, parts in storage. Spray on pumps, fittings, valves, and hinges; any area
subject to humidity and water exposure. Recommended for lay-up protection on chrome and brass fixtures, engine blocks. Protects automobiles and equipment during overseas shipment.
Protects construction equipment, pipe, or machinery stored out of doors against corrosion.
The 740 Heavy Duty Rust Guard in Gray is especially useful in coating equipment tanks, roofs, structures, piping running through well traveled areas and any area exposed to moisture and humidity where visual aesthetics are a concern.

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