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Chesterton® 389 Synthetic Tapping Compound is a high performance, synthetic metal working fluid. It provides the industrial performance of conventional petroleum and solvent based fluids
while eliminating the hazards normally associated with these traditional products. The superior lubrication of a synthetic, combined with maximum heat dissipating capability at the shear plane, results in a product which extends tool life and keeps taps cool to permit rapid cutting.
Chesterton 389 is effective for all hand and automatic tapping operations and is used for a variety of demanding metal cutting operations over a broad range of metals, including aluminum.
True and precise thread cutting action permits excellent thread quality. Ideal for dry seal threads and high pressure hydraulic fittings. Since there is no chlorine or sulfur in the product, the
working of stainless steel is facilitated without fear of embrittlement.
Chesterton 389 is user and environmentally friendly. It is biodegradable, nonflammable and essentially odorless.
Synthetic Tapping Compound does not smoke, mist or fume during use. The result is a cleaner, safer work environment. A near neutral pH minimizes the potential for skin irritation and defatting commonly caused by organic solvent based cutting fluids.

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