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Chesterton® 438 PTFE Coating represents the best combination of a clean, dry, PTFE -based powder lubricant with a tough, protective coating that resists water and chemicals. It does
much more than simply reduce friction; the product actually coats and protects the surfaces of parts and equipment. 438 PTFE Coating effectively lubricates and protects smooth, nonporous surfaces, including metal, plastic, wood, leather, fiber, rubber, glass and painted surfaces. It will not rub, wipe or run off like liquid lubricants can, nor will it collect dirt and grime as grease lubricants are prone to do.
It dries instantly, leaving no waxy or oily film that can stain and attract dirt particles, thereby eliminating quality control losses from stained or damaged products and packaging. The coating
resists water washout, as well as mild acids and alkalies, thus reducing the number of applications necessary to maintain functionality.
Because 438 PTFE Coating makes the surface of parts and equipment extremely slippery, the product is ideal for coating inner surfaces of hoppers, bins, slides and anywhere else adherence of material is a problem. Applying the coating to these surfaces eliminates hangups and costly production stoppages. When several coats are applied, the product provides long-lasting surface protection and helps resist abrasive wear.

Appearance Dry, white powder in clear film
Binder Acrylic resin
Base Pure PTFE powder
Specific Gravity 0,85 kg/l (7.1 lbs/gal)
Operating temperature limit Up to 121°C (250°F)
PTFE particles Micron-sized

438 PTFE Coating, a versatile, longlasting
PTFE powder reinforced film, protects all types of smooth, nonporous surfaces, including metal, plastic, wood, leather, fiber, elastomers, glass and painted surfaces.** It can be used on
instruments, machine tools, conveyor belts, bearings, cold molds, dies, and even drawers and windows. When used to coat inner surfaces of bins, tanks, hoppers, molds and slides, the lubricant helps prevent materials from adhering, thus avoiding hangups and production stoppage. It is excellent for paper converting equipment to stop the paper from shifting as it is folded

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